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 لكل محبى العاب الرعب Memento Mori

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مُساهمةموضوع: لكل محبى العاب الرعب Memento Mori   الجمعة نوفمبر 13, 2009 1:49 pm

لكل محبى العاب الرعب Memento Mori

Memento Mori - Adventure with a view of a third person who tells us of some secret society, has existed for many centuries. However, a Finnish company and a very strannovatoe: entire century, the Order prevent certain paintings by well-known artists have been open to the public. Say, there can be depicted Angel of Death. Therefore, those canvases where he had seen, were abducted and carefully hidden. Another theft happened at the Hermitage ...

Memento Mori - in investigating cases of theft of paintings by the two characters. The first character - a young professor from France, a specialist in art history. He was brought to the investigation because of its ties with the criminal world. Once upon a time he was held liable for the forgery and sale of «old» paintings. The second character - a girl from Russia, the captain of the militia of St. Petersburg and part-time Russian representative at the headquarters of Interpol. On behalf of the player characters to participate in the search for the paintings, which supposedly has the image Angel of Death.

# The original adventure game with a kind of third person
# 6 different endings, which depend entirely on player actions
# Magnificent three-dimensional landscapes and interiors
# Ability to play for two different characters

Size 2.22 GB

Language: English

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لكل محبى العاب الرعب Memento Mori
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